The Cities Programme is very pleased to welcome four new city participants from the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina, who have come to the UN Global Compact with an impressive, impact-filled start.
In a meeting of the cities’ Mayors in November 2013, which was  facilitated by the Consórcio Intermunicipal Quiriri, the cities of Campo Alegre, Corupá, Rio Negrinho and São Bento do Sul collectively agreed to commit to the ten principles of the Global Compact on  human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.  They were also supported in this commitment by a number of private  and civil society organisations.
This collective initiative has since grown to the establishment of ‘Movimento Quiriri Sustentável’, which will work  cross-sectorally and strategically  under the umbrella of the Cities Programme to develop the territory which is around the Upper Negro River basin. This is also being coordinated by Consorçio Intermunicipal Quiriri.

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